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Gas Advanced Services Newsletter 10-01-12

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9 million British families at deadly risk from faulty gas appliances but fail to take action

There are around 21 million gas-using homes in the UK, almost half (9 million) don’t have annual safety checks on their gas appliances and a shocking 1.6 million admit to never having had appliances checked. 97% understood that they were risking the possibility of carbon monoxide poisoning, gas leaks or explosions by not having their appliances checked regularly.

When asked why they didn’t have their appliances checked, 37% cited cost as the main reason, 29% claimed it was only necessary if a problem needed fixing, 17% simply forgot to, and 8% said it was someone else’s responsibility.

Paul Johnston, Chief Executive of Gas Safe Register, said, “You wouldn’t drive your car year in year out without checking it to ensure the brakes and lights work. It’s no different with gas appliances. You risk endangering your family’s health and in some case their lives. We are encouraging everyone to take care and be gas safe this week so that fewer people will suffer from preventable gas accidents.”